Healthcare Environmental Services NYC

Healthcare Environmental Services NYC

Healthcare Environmental Services

Since germs and pathogens are present everywhere in a hospital; NYC Disinfection’s Healthcare Environmental Services is an efficient medium for the disinfection of medical centers. 

Healthcare departments perform a very significant role in guaranteeing the well-being of patients as well as medical staff and visitors. However only when sanitized keeping in view the industrial standards for hospital disinfection. Through our specially curated Hotel and Resort Housekeeping Services for hospitals, we offer a wide range of cleaning services. From routine janitorial work to overnight disinfection procedures; NYC Disinfection is here for you. 

Why Healthcare Environmental Services are important?

1.    Spilling of Bodily Fluids

In hospitals, spilling of bodily fluids is a very common phenomenon especially in the Emergency Room(s) and Operation Theaters(s). it can be in the form of blood, saliva, urine, etc. So, in order to prevent bacterial and viral growth due to spilling, healthcare environmental services are very important.   

2.    Disposal of Medical Equipment.

The same goes for medical equipment. Needles, Surgical tools, and Diagnostics/Testing equipment – everything needs to be disinfected and disposed of in a safe manner. For which, professional disposal services are a basic necessity. Therefore, avoiding the harmful effects of used medical equipment. 

3.    Personal Hygiene.

Personal Hygiene is of as much importance as hospital disinfection. In other words, good hygiene is crucial for the prevention of infections and pathogen transmission in hospitals. 

How NYC Disinfection can help?

Our janitorial and disinfection services for hospitals are available for diversified use. From regular cleaning to weekly sterilization procedures, we offer every sort of sanitizing facility.

Bank Cleaning.   

Ensuring safe monetary transactions and medical billing; we provide professional bank disinfection and cleaning services for hospitals. Therefore, ensuring health safety for your staff as well as the patients.  

Office and Building Cleaning.

In order to make the hospital’s premises safe from viral and bacterial outbreaks, as well as harmless for the visitors’ health, the disinfection of buildings and offices of the hospital is our first priority. Usually, at this stage, the routine janitorial work combined with the use of EPA Approved disinfectants plays a vital role. 

Restaurant Cleaning.

Whether it’s an in-house cafeteria for the medical staff or a small café for the visitors; cleaning and disinfection the restaurants is also important to ensure a hygienic environment for food and refreshment breaks. 

Manufacturing and Facility Cleaning.

The diagnostics center, the operation theaters as well as The Medical storage facilities; NYC Disinfection’s facility cleaning process for hospitals is an affordable and effective solution for your disinfection needs. So, to make medical procedures safe and healthy.

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Want to book your appointment or need detailed information on our contractual hospital cleaning and disinfection services? Get in touch with NYC Disinfection’s customer support and have your queries entertained by the experts of the field. 

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