Hotel and Resort Disinfection Services NYC

Hotel and Resort Disinfection Services NYC

Hotel and Resort Disinfection Services

The fundamental base of a Hotel or a Resort’s identity lies in the quality of sterilization services and ambiance it offers. And to help your business achieve that, NYC Disinfection offers a diversified range of Hotel and Resort sterilization as well as Office and Building Cleaning services for all of your commercial needs. 

Creating a Home away from Home; Housekeeping Department of the Hotel Industry plays a significant role in maintaining the utmost standards of cleanliness and quality of living. With a goal to provide hygienic, serene, pleasant, and welcoming surroundings that offer complete value for the client’s money; Housekeeping makes hotel experience for your clients even more enjoyable. Because, not a single standard of service, glamour, or courteousness can correspond to the happiness a customer feels when entering a clean, spotless and conveniently arranged hotel room with plenty of amenities. 

Why Hotel and Resort Housekeeping is Important?

1.    Duties it constitutes.

Housekeeping remains one of the most essential departments of the hotel industry, responsible for the aesthetic upkeep of the rooms as well as cleanliness and maintenance of public areas, back area, and surroundings of the hotel. Consequently, having a key role in building a reputation and constituting to the success of the hotel industry.

2.    Financial Significance. 

For a hotel, financial survival is solely on the sale of rooms, food, beverages, and other minor amenities and services it offers in-house. For instance, health clubs, dining, gymnasiums, shopping areas, relaxing spas, etc. However, rooms and services constitute a minimum of almost 50% of all sales, making it a major contributor to the hotel’s margin of profits. That’s why housekeeping finds great significance in the hotel business.

Services that NYC Disinfection offers.

•    Restaurant cleaning.

For a relaxed experience, most of the hotel’s dining options are available in-house. For which, cleaning and aesthetic upkeep is very essential. Keeping this in view, NYC Disinfection offers extensive cleaning and janitorial programs for your restaurant cleaning. So that your hotel/resort can offer its guests with a fine dining experience. 

•    Manufacturing and facility Cleaning.

Let it be your resort’s kitchen or laundry operations, we provide supplemental to full service, deep clean services for your needs. Hence, offering a clean, hygienic, healthy, disinfected, and pleasant living experience for your guests.

•    Bank cleaning.

In order to make financial dealings safe and healthy for your hotel employees as well as clients, NYC Disinfection offers a variety of bank cleaning options. Disinfecting the high-frequency touch areas well as the electronic equipment, we guarantee a fresh-looking appearance for your hotel’s private bank(s). 

•    Retail Store Cleaning.

With our retail store cleaning program, you can have your hotel’s private shopping areas cleaned like never before. From contractual janitorial services to overnight cleaning pragmas, we offer everything.

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